Snap to anchor for measurement tool

Would be useful when trying to measure non 45,90,180 etc angles

what would you like to measure that way? can you post a screen recording?

I would like to measure angles to:

  1. Make sure they’re parallel (although I could redraw a rectangle and re-rotate but tedious)

  2. And also to measure the tangent of a curve, by measuring angle on control points (possible on Robofont atm) – I am doing Metafont work at the moment, which requires precise angle inputs.

for that purpose, a rotated guideline is better.

The video does not play.

To make paths parallel, have a look at the small red numbers in the measure mode. They show the difference between the nodes. If the numbers are the same (ignoring the negative signs), the paths are the same length and parallel.

Nevertheless I will try to enable snapping for the measurement tool.

Thanks Georg,

Much appreciated.

You also can select two nodes and check the distance (not really the distance but x and y distance) in the info box.