Snapping off?

How do I turn snapping off in the glyph editing mode?

do you what to disable it temporary or permanent.

Temporarily, but it wouldn’t hurt to know both options.

A simple tick box to enable/disable snapping would be ideal.

How about pressing a key (Escape maybe?) to turn off snapping momentarily just for the current node-editing action, then revert right away on key-depress to the usual snap behavior? This would be another option besides a tick box, of course.

This functionality was actually implemented before. But is broken for some time. You needed to hold down the ctrl key, just like in Photoshop.

I hope that I can fix it, soon.

Is it possible to turn snapping off permanently? (or switch on/off instead of using ctrl key)
I’d really like to do so.

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Can you send me a screencast (via DM) of what you are doing?