(Solved in v.1153) Dimensions Palette doesn't distinguish between masters and isn't saved in file

Hello everybody,
I noted after updating to the last cutting edge version that the Dimensions Palette is not working properly as it doesn’t differentiate values for each master, and isn’t saved within the Glyphs file, so when i reopen it they are all gone.
Using Glyphs 2.5.2 (1150).
Thanks for your help.

There is a problem with loading some UI elements (I don’t really know but it only appeared recently so it might be connected to a recent system update). So the UI is not connected to the code. I’ll keep trying to fix this.


Hmm, interesting. The other day I saw the dimensions being empty (in Thai). I was sure I set the vlaues there, and also my Show Stems Plugin showed the proper values (you know, it highlights green, if those values matches), which means, the values are still there. But I couldn’t see the in the palette. Maybe it’s connected to this issue?
1150 on High Sierra.

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