[Solved] [mini] rotation is good

please correct me if I’m wrong, this is turning me crazy,

So, I have this triangle, which I made a component:

when I rotate this glyph in Edit view, it rotates fine, no problem:

notice it aligns to grid perfectly.

but, big but,
if I place this component in another glyph,

and then apply the same rotation,
the rotation is off:

attached glyphs file:
big but and im not gonna lie.glyphs (8.6 KB)
using beta 105

That is a logical problem, not a bug. As long as you are using a component and still referencing the original shape, the app needs to show that shape. Because you also need to rotate it back, etc.

can you elaborate? cause I don’t fully understand the behavior, I expect it to act as the original glyph, and not a different, unexpected behavior.

When you rotate a path, each individual node is rounded to the grid. When you rotate a component, the shape is rotated but the nodes are not rounded to the grid. Doing so would give a different shape then the original glyph.

thanks, just realized this, my bad.

that’s why I didn’t study math.

Thanks for such a great app guys! And it’s a joy!
Looking forward to moving to its bigger brother :smiley: