[SOLVED]SuperTool cannot be installed from the Plugin Manager window

I’m getting this " Downloading the plugin repository failed." when clicking Install

I just tried it; installed fine for me.

What Glyphs version and OS are you using?

I’m on Sonoma 14.0 and Glyphs version is 3.2(3223) - will try a complete uninstall of Glyphs and try again after fresh install

Reinstalling Glyphs will likely not change this error. Instead, the installation of the plugin might have failed halfway and is now blocking any further attempts of installing the plugin.

Open Glyphs and go to ScriptOpen Scripts Folder. A Finder window will open. Go into both the Plugins and Repositories folders and remove any files and folders related to Super Tool, then try to install the plugin again.

Did the reinstall and it worked apparently but thank you for pointing out that I can do that as well, will keep in mind thank you!!