Some bugs in the feature editor

I’ve been writing quite a lot of code in the feature editor of Glyphs app and came across some annoying bugs, that I hope will be fixed soon:

  1. I can’t copy & paste code which is formatted, directly into Glyphs. If I copy some code from a website, I always have to copy it into a text editor, convert it into plain text and then copy it again, to paste into Glyphs feature editor.

  2. If my code is long and I use ctrl+z to undo something, the cursor always jumps all the way to the top and I have to scroll down again to the point where I was writing.

  3. If I delete the notes to a feature ( in the “Notizen” window under the main coding area), then close the information window and open it again, the deleted notes will be back again. I found out, if I delete the notes and then add a new text or just an empty space, the old notes will not be back again.

Just small bugs, I guess… but if you work a lot in glyphs, it becomes quite disturbing.

Will have a look

Cannot reproduce that in Version 1.4.3 (566) on OS X 10.9.1. For me, the text is pasted with formatting, but the format is not saved. So if you switch to another feature and back again, it is displayed as plaintext.

Funny coincidence: Paste and undo immediately after, and the formatting is removed straight away.

Which website did you copy the codes from? I want to test it too.

Just tested point 1. again and realized, sometimes it works with the copying and sometimes not.
For example the code in this post from erwindenissen 6 Feb 2014 is one of them that I can not copy directly into Glyphs feature editor.
Other code works without problem…

this happens if there are illegal characters in the text. In this case the line breaks are uni2028 instead of the standard carriage return.

I will check how to solve it.

Can’t reproduce this. fixed it.