Some colorfont-problems

Trying to make a color-font I am running into different problems. First I tried to make a CPAL/COLR-version. Following the instructions in the tutorial, I got a font that works in Finder/QuickLook (I see the color-font), but not in InDesign (I see the fallback-font). Isn’t InDesign 2020 able to handle CPAL/COLR-fonts, or am I doing something wrong?

Then I tried to make a svg-version, because I want to use gradients. After finding out, how to export the Illustrator-files, I got a color-font that works in InDesign, but in Finder/QuickLook I see the fallback-font. I tried different custom-parameters (Export COLR table, svg table, sbix table), but nothing works.

I have some colorfonts from the web, that work in Finder/QuickLook and in InDesign, so it seems to be possible and I am doing something wrong.
Glyphs is 2.6.6 and I export as .otf