Some difficulties on smart filter and creating variable font

i have some difficulties on creating variable fonts and smart filter which i hope will be considered as a real random feedback, so please answer and teach how to solve them, or change the app behave if you find it useful.

1- i think Disable Master in VF export should also turn off listed master(s) in compatibility check. i’m currently working on a variable font with two major styles and two groups of masters, i want to keep all the masters in one .glyphs file to sync ot-features, anchor positions, kernings,… but i can’t check this two groups of masters compatibility separately. if it’s not predicted before i suggest assign a color in VF export properties to show which group of masters has the compatibility issue.

2- smart filter should also change the glyph order in glyphs navigation of glyph view windows.

3- possibility of changing more than one start point in one action of selecting multiple contours.

  1. You can try to add a “Enforce Compatibility Check” parameter in the Font Info > Font and uncheck it.

  2. Not sure how that would work? Sorted by what?

  3. How to define what point should be the new first node when you didn’t click it? There are some functions that try to set the start node automatically (e.g. Correct Path Direction).

thank you for reply Georg, let me explain in more details:

1- sorry, i mean Disable Master should also turn off the orange ribbon indicator for that master, and the color of that ribbon could be assigned for each variable font export differently to indicate which one(or any combinations of them) has compatibility issue.
2- sorted by smart filter list, i mean globe+left/right brings the same sequence of glyphs which shown in that smart filter result list.
3- selecting and making them first node(if selecting some segments, choosing the first node in direction):

That is not as easy. Because you can have multiple VF exports with contradictory settings.

Still don’t understand. Can you post a screenshot?

That might work. I’ll have a look.

(sorry for delay)

i don’t want to take your time for this anymore, but i think it’s all can implemented with considering Disable Master list in interpolation. i hope you add this feature, it’s really necessary IMO.

in this screen record i switch the smart filter to yellow color and as you can see zero-ar comes after six-ar in smart filter result list, but in glyph view windows seven-ar comes after six-ar . i know you may have different opinion about that and there are some complexities, but it’s not seems right in practice this way. at least it would be very helpful if there is a flag in settings to enable this expectation.

thank you, it would be very handy.

any update on this?

That is zeroFarsi-ar, that always comes after the regular Arabic figures.

yes but no… I’m sorry, i thought it’s clear enough. let me explain in more details:
I mean after choosing the smart filter, glyphs ordering in glyph view (next/previous glyph) should also changes to that smart filter result. beacuse, for the same screen record example, we select the yellow colors smart filter, going to one of them and can’t go the next yellow color glyph with next/previous glyph, we have to go back in font view to select next yellow color glyph.

What do you mean by “next/previous glyph”?

i meant these two:

I just noticed the next two options with the shift key, so it’s implemented before. sorry :grimacing: