Some Fonts dont export, some does

Hi there
Problem: I cant export all of my fonts. It’s strange because some fonts does, some not. The font has 610 glyphs and it is a pixel font.

I already updated the letter info. But the font still doesnt export.

A week ago the same font-file exported and then i changed the kerning and now it wont.


Does this tutorial help:

And do you get any error message?

Theres no error message.
Only the normal export message but this keeps 10minutes. After the I cancel it.

I am working with Glyphs 2 Trial but I cant export on Glyphs 1 too.

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Is it component-based like in the Pixel Font Video? Do you have complex overlaps?

Can you paste the content of your Terminal Window? Follow the steps in the tutorial Georg posted. There must be a warning message at least.

The remove overlap code took very long for all this elements. Disabling it, made it export as expected.

Getting the same problem here. I’ve tried disabling all features, no luck. Only the O some marks export.

Sounds like incompatibility. Make sure your masters are compatible, including your anchors. Did you check your instance settings?

it has nothing to do with the features. If you have a lot paths (e.g. because you traces a rough scan) the remove overlap and subroutinisation will take quite some time. Add a custom parameter “Disable Subroutines” in the instance and export without remove overlap.

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Thanks Georg. It turned out it was, as Reiner suspected, it was just instance settings!