"Some glyphs are not compatible" dialog

Is it possible to switch this off? It’s adding an extra several hundred clicks a day between exporting and indesign.


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I’ll see if I can add an option to hide it.

But you also could fix that glyphs :wink:

haha - yes - there’s the design process and then there’s error checking

Or set the incompatible glyph to not export.

I do appreciate the dialog serves a purpose but in the design flow it’s intrusive.

I need the glyph to export otherwise I can’t review in context in indesign. Case in point: I have two masters that I’m developing out; I’m drawing a sterling in the regular master and when I export I’ll get the above message until I’ve done the light master. This means repeatedly clicking the ok button * every other glyph to draw.

Activating and deactivating instances is just moving the number of clicks around.

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