Some glyphs do not export

Hello, when I export to .otf some glyphs do not appear even though they are in the file (and they are not deactivated). I understand that they may be glyphs that are used for production, but it seems that it is something of the default software with these names because it also happens to me with other files. Does the software have by default not to export these? It’s just to know because the .otf works well.

Captura de pantalla 2023-08-22 a la(s) 10.11.42

In which application are you testing your font? If you have added the glyphs recently, it might be a font caching issue, see:

For Adobe apps, have a look at this:

i export the .otf from glyphs and then import it to the same glyphs and i am missing those glyphs (diacritics). I am exporting 261 glyphs and the otf is 275

Two things:

  1. That is reverse engineering a compiled OpenType file into a .glyphs file. Do not expect that you have the same result as the original. In short, reverse engineering does not help you testing the OTF. Better use apps like FontTableViewer, OTMaster, ttx, FontDrop or FontGoggles.
  2. Many glyph names will change to so-called production names. That is probably why you don’t see it in the same category after reverse engineering.

Opening a font in Glyphs is not useful as there are several options that interfere. E.g. the ‘keep glyphs names from imported files’ in preferences > user settings.

thanks for the information. Very useful.