Some glyphs doesn't use legacy names

I noticed that, at export, some glyphs are not renamed to its legacy names specified in the GlyphsData.xml, including the default one.

For example, literSign should become afii61289 according to the xml inside the app, but it does not happen and instead becomes uni2113. I cannot override it with my xml either. I saw the same thing happening with careof (should become afii61248, but becomes uni2105).

Do you know if it’s a bug or me doing something wrong?

The affiXXXXX names are an exception. There are in the data base only to help on import. For Export it will use uniXXXX names instead. The affiXXXXX names are deprecated.

Thanks. What is the easiest way to forcefully use afii names, hopefully all across (not file specific)?

There is currently no way to use afii names. As I understand it they shouldn’t be used any more.