Some instances exporting with same widths for variable font

Condensed and Regular weight presets of my variable font are exporting with exactly the same widths. I’ve made sure the export axis numbers align with the masters, and renamed fonts to test busting caches, but they’re still using the same width values in the variable version (static fonts are exporting correctly).

Using Glyphs v3.1.1 (3134)

  • Use 3.2 for OTVAR exports
  • Make sure your master setup forms a rectangular designspace

Hi, thank you for getting back. I wasn’t aware of the new version so I’ll try it.

What do you mean by “Rectangular design space”? As in variable setup or the glyph sizing?

This article should help.

Have you tried testing the font with something not adobe, like dinamo gauntlet or font goggles? Adobe sometimes messes it up depending on the variable font origin and Regular instance

Thanks, I think it’ll take a bit of time to get my head around the article. This was tested in Sketch and Figma initially. It seems to work fine on Axis Praxis and Fontgoggles, and sort of on Dinamo, but It seems to be the case that it’s misconstruing/merging regular and condensed weight values and options. Is there a known fix for this or is it the fault of the software?