Some issues in the current version 3.02 (3042)

v 3.02

  • When trying to import a .metrics file, the dialogue appears to be corrupted:
    Screenshot 2020-12-11 at 13.39.49

  • When generating instances through the ‘generate instance’ command, the instances loose the family name of the source master, which gets replaced by ‘New Font’.

  • When saving a single thus generated instance, I cannot open it anymore in Glyphs 2:
    Screenshot 2020-12-11 at 13.43.35

The multiple master source can be opened in both versions of the app.

  • And finally not a bug, but a feature request: In Glyphs 2, the metrics dialogue missed the – it seems to me – most obvious option: import the width only, centring the glyph on the new width whilst ignoring the RSB and LSB values. Could that be added in v.3?

fixed it.

this is fixed already

You have to set the file format to Glyphs 2 in Font Info > Other.


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Fabulous, thank you!

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