Some questions about glyphsTool plugin

I use “glyphs tool plugin.xctemplate” created a new G3 tool plug-in, and use the code in TestTool project in Xcode templates of SDK, created a GSInspectorViewController and Xib, and override the thmod of “- (NSArray *)inspectorViewControllers.”
Now I have two problems.
One is that when I actived the plug-in I made, the layer of paths cannot be selected and edited. I don’t know which method controls it.
Another problem is that inspectorView cannot be displayed, and I don’t know the reason.
At last,The TestToo project in Xcode templates is also very old, and it can’t be correctly compiled in arm64 and run in G3. Would you consider updating this Xcode templates?

I’ll have a look at the templates.

The inspectorViewController view needs to use constraints. If not it might be reduced to zero size.

The selection is done in a different tool class: GSToolSelect

#import <GlyphsCore/GSToolSelect.h>

@interface InspectorDemo : GSToolSelect

I have done some improvements in the SDK repo. But the build settings should we correct.

Sorry, I tried to use ConstraintLayout, but I’m not sure where to set it, and it didn’t show up successfully in the end. Can you give me a simple example?
The interface of this tool plug-in is much more complex than others. At present, there is no API to refer to, and it is difficult to call.

You need to add layout constrains in the .xib file: Auto Layout Guide: Understanding Auto Layout or this video (it is showing how to do it for iOS but the principle is the same): Auto Layout Tutorial (2020) - Lesson 2 - YouTube