Some shortcuts not working


Since installing Mojave, shortcuts like cmd+shift+R and cmd+S stopped working.
I have the latest Glyphs version installed.
What can I do to fix this?


Have you set any shortcuts in System Preferences? And did you select “Use Version” in Glyphs Preferences (I’m strongly advising agains it)?


I haven’t set any shortcuts in System Preferences and “Use Version” is not selected in Glyphs Preferences.


Can you make a screenshot of the File menu?




And what do you mean by “stopped working”? Do you get a bing?

You might have this problem: Since 2.6 I have to save files twice


Yes, I have the same problem as described in the link you’ve provided with cmd+s (no bing in this case).
But, with cmd+shift+R I get a bing every time I use it and if I do it twice it still doesn’t work.
I can only correct the path direction if I do it manually on the “Paths” menu.


Can you post a screenshot of the path menu?