Something went wrong when Removing Overlap in glyph

When I try to export I get the error message ‘Something went wrong when Removing Overlap in glyph’.

I have also tried removing overlap on specific glyphs and getting the same error.

Make sure:

  • you have correct path directions in all your glyphs
  • the paths are not too complex; avoid tiny curve segments
  • you have no duplicate paths positioned on top of each other; the Show Angled Handles plug-in can help you with spotting those

If this doesn’t help, please post a screenshot of one of the paths that refuse overlap removal.

I don’t think that any of those apply . Here is a screenshot.

The path direction is revers to what it should be. Have a look here:

Yes the first one applies. Please try Path > Correct Path Direction (with Opt for all masters if you have more than one master) on all your glyphs.