"Something went wrong with the Remove Overlap filter" since last version

Since the last update or so, I’m regularly getting “Something went wrong with the Remove Overlap filter” errors when exporting fonts that I had no trouble to export before. The error targets different glyphs every time, glyphs that do not seem to have any issues.
It happened on several project so I don’t think its file-specific, and usually if I just run the export command again it will end up working.
I maybe noticed something of interest: the error seem to happen when I’m overwriting already existing fonts. If I first delete the fonts then export, I don’t think I ever got the error.

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What version of MacOS do you have?

I’m on 10.13.6

Same error message appears to me…
But its only in Glyphs 3
Glyphs 2 exports font files without this message…

I have mac OS Catalina 10.15.5

This is a current ongoing issue in Glyphs 3, yet to be resolved (for me),

See Glyphs 3 finds "Remove overlap" errors that Glyphs 2 didn't complain about

Remove Overlap failure error:
It has happened again with G3 [3043]. I had a 3-path glyph and two paths would successfully transform but the third would not. This is during normal editing, not during export. The glyph was a two-stroke dollar sign.

What was preventing it from transforming was that there was an on-curve node one unit from the vertical path where the overlap removal would happen. Moving the on-curve node one unit away resolved the failing overlap removal issue. I could have also moved the vertical stroke 1) one unit away or 2) directly on top of the offending node and it would have worked.

We’re continuing to work on the issues. For those cases that fail, post or send them, in case an edge case is missed. Thanks.