Something wrong with accents in [1233]

I put a /caron/ component into /brevecomb/ as a starting point and then modified it into a proper breve. Unfortunately, other glyphs using /brevecomb/ still show the caron shape:

The glyph on the left is /brevecomb/, and so is the component used in /Abreve/.

Even weirder: I deleted /Abreve/ and generated it again. Result: My hand-drawn breve path in /brevecomb/ is gone and has been replaced with the /caron/ component again. I didn’t do anything to /brevecomb/!

(Deleting the component in /brevecomb/ and drawing the breve again seems to have solved the problem. I hope it won’t come up often.)

What sometimes happens is a display glitch where, after deleting a glyph in edit view, its name still appears in edit view, even though a different glyph is there in reality. That a problem is only constrained to a tab, though, and closing and reopening it fixes it, or changing the text of the tab. Not sure this is related.

Can you reproduce it?

I now found I had two duplicate instances of /brevecomb/ in my font, with the same Unicode numbers. That’s probably either a sympton or the cause of the original problem. In any case, I haven’t seen anything like it again when making the other accents, so I’m going to ascribe it to user error. :grimacing:

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I have added some improved caching to improve performance. But the cache is not properly reset for components. I’ll fix it.