Something wrong with GPOS features in Glyphs 3.2

I just updated to Glyphs newest version but it seems the new version broke something in the GPOS features. As you can see below, an older version of my file works as expected, but with the newer one all GPOS tables are broken, nothing work. (screenshots from FontGoggle).

May I mention that the original file didn’t have latin glyphs and the newer one have them. Also, when I opened the file after the update it gave me a warning dialog like this one below.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

also, this dialogue appears, I haven’t any kerning groups with that names!

so, any advice? @GeorgSeifert @mekkablue

@MMK_L_ signifies a kerning group, so only the last particle is the actual name you give it (dollar, space, E, s. etc.).

I should mention that there are multiple errors in the error description:
more than (not then)
exceptions (not exeptions)
Also, I would say that using two exclamation marks is not stylistically very neat.

Sorry for hijacking this thread, please ignore.