Sorting glyphs order alphabetical

I feel like newbie but is any way like in Fontlab to sort the glyphs in alphabetical order without doing a .xml? Something like selecting all the glyphs and applying a script to sort them?

You can add a list filter with all names in the order you like. Or add a glyphOrder parameter. What kind of you glyph do you have that alphabetically would make sense?

I have lets say a b c d… a.ss01 b.ss01 c.ss01 a.ss02 b.sso2 etc and I want to sort the font window to a a.ss01 a.ss02 b b.ss01 b.sso2 etc…

I know I can do a lit but some kind of outomatic sort would be helpful because each glyph I add later I need to create/add to the list…

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There is the ‘keep alternates with base glyph’ option in Font Info > Other Settings.


With what method are glyphs in a font usually sorted? Like is it alphabetically or just based on Unicode?

That is different for different categories/scripts. Some are sorted by unicode, some alphabetically by glyph name, some have a manually set order.

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Is there a quick way to output all glyphs sorted by Unicode?

You can switch to list mode and click the header in the unicode column. Then select all glyphs, right click and Copy Glyphs names…