Sorting order in Version 1.3.21 (495) is wrong

Version 1.3.21 (495) OS 10.8.3

This new build really threw the sorting order out of whack. Some Currency symbols are now in Other, as well as some Spacing characters (enspace, emspace, etc.), many of the Mac OS standard Pi glyphs such as Minus, Partialdiff, et al. Oddly enough, Plus, Equal and some others are in the correct section (Symbol). All of the Quote marks have been moved to Other.

Previously this file was sorting correctly. All of this happened after the Glyphs update today. I did update Glyph Info after the app update.

Georg, did you fix sortName so it works with Cyrillic now? If you did I’ll test it otherwise I will wait.

I just uploaded an update that should fix this. You might need to run Font > Update Glyph Info for one glyph to get the sorting updated.

Thanks Georg; that fixed the sorting.