Sorting question

I have a few that I add a z# sorting name to, to have them sorted in correct order after z.

I have noticed that the letters that are sorted under “z18” are placed before those that are given “z2”. Is this the intended behavior?

Yes, sorting compares characters in order, so numbers are also compared digit by digit. Use 0 to sort single digit numbers before multi-digit numbers: z01, z02, …, z10, z11.

I forgot about that trick, thanks.

Would it be possible to add a search by “SortName” to EditGlyphData? Fixing or changing multiple entries would be a lot quicker if one could restrict the list to only the relevant ones.

How does glyph sort glyphs that have the same sortname. Both of my “ezh” and “ezhinverted” now have the sortname “Z02”.

What I expected was for them to then be sorted as “z02ezh” and “z02ezhinverted”, with “z02ezh” being sorted before “z02ezhinverted”. In my file however, “ezhinverted” is now sorted before “ezh”. Have I misunderstood how sorting works in this scenario?


Is the answer simply that they are “treated” as if they have the same name with no additional sorting taking place, with their order being based on their sorting order before having their value changed?

I tried changing "ezh"s sorting name from “z02” to “z02a”, but all that did was put it at the end. Even after changing it back to the default value and using Update Glyph Info, it is still placed at the end of the “z02” list.

Current order: ezhturned, ezhinverted, ezhreversedstroke, ezhcurl, ezhpalatalhook, ezhretroflexhook, ezhreversed, ezhtail, ezh.

Sort names should be unique. And be “letter” + “number”. The EditGlyphData has a function to assign sortNames to all selected items. There is an option to increment by two or three numbers. That lets some room to later squeeze in some more.

Would it be possible to use some sort of special code to have the “SortName” of a glyph inherit its “Name” as some sort of prefix or suffix?

For example
Name: ezh
SortName: z0$Name
In this case, the actual SortName used by Glyphs would be “z0ezh” instead of “z0$name” that was written in the SortName field.