Source Serif UFOs in Glyphs

Hi there,

I’m trying to customize some letters of Adobe’s Source Serif 4 for a project.
The struggle I have is not about the design side, but more on the technical with the sources of this family. It’s a big one, with weight axis, optical size axis, and italics.

I found the sources on GitHub with UFO files in it, and a lot of .fea files here and there and it seems that Glyphs struggle to find all the proper features.

I have errors on the functions tab as this one :
include (../../../../featuresVar.fea); Bare 'include' in features
table OS/2 { Unsupported table “OS/2”; ignoring

Also errors when trying to export the variable font after adding masters into one file (font infos → masters → add font) that says “Can’t convert to compatible TrueType curves” for some glyphs.

Is there something I do wrong ? How can I open this properly and start working on the design and export it without a bug ?

Thank you for your answers.

Try to remove the space between ignore and (...). If that doesn’t help, please report back.

You can ignore the “Unsupported table “OS/2”; ignoring” warning. Glyphs will take care of it on export.

I saw, after some research, that the space might be a thing, so I tried. Thanks.

I had to change the path of the .fea file because it could not find it : it has one extra relative parent directory (…/) as weird as it is.
Should I create the new font file in a sub directory of the UFO file ?

But the other trick is that after finding the right file, every file called inside that file need that space removed after include, plus that thing with the extra parent directory.

Is that a bug then ?

I’ll look into why those extra spaces trigger an error and will fix this if necessary. Normally, the space should be ignored.

As for the path issues, I’ve just double-checked the UFO spec and saw this:

Any include() statements must be relative to the UFO path, not to the features.fea file itself.

So that explains the extra ../ in all paths. We’ll have to fix that on import.

I open the UFO with Glyphs in its folder so the path should be relative to the directory where it belongs, I don’t change anything on this as I thought this would be the safest thing to do.

Thank you for looking at this ! Very appreciated.

It seems that’s opening and working on the UFO with Glyphs breaks it as I can’t build the font with the Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType but when editing with Robofont it works.

Or I do something wrong ?