Spacebar Move Screen Mac Not Functioning


I normally can use my spacebar and mouse to move around on the screen quickly. But it’s jumping around and not functioning if I lift off the mouse to move further - it’s fine if I keep holding down on my mouse (but sometimes I need to lift off to get to the area. I am using Mac OS 10.14.4 and Glyphs 2.6.1 - I have restarted but still happens. This works fine in Adobe Illustrator. Any suggestions? Thanks!


The video is not working?



I’m not sure why it shows in my preview, then goes away after I hit the REPLY button.


There. Maybe that will help? Also, I am using a Huion S610 tablet. I have put in a ticket with them. I can get my regular mouse to do this fine with the spacebar to move. So I am now thinking it might be the tablet. But I have the latest driver. I rarely use a regular mouse.


Thanks for the video. Those tablets are making problems quite a lot. I’ll see if I can retrace the step.


I played around with this. And I can’t find the problem. I need to find someone with this tablet to try it myself.


Could it be related to this?


No. I’m doing it super slow to make sure. I press the spacebar and wait a few seconds to click and drag with my tablet and it just jumps like my video. :frowning:


Thanks for sharing the video, i also have the same problem. :tired_face: