Spacing Between Instances in Preview Panel


I’ve noticed a rather peculiar quirk with the Preview Panel, which may have been there all along, but never caught my eye, or has only recently resurfaced. Anyway, when “Show all Instances” is turned on, certain glyphs get jumbled together too tightly, despite the fact that all masters (four in my case) have positive side bearing.

In the photo you can see how the long line of T’s is squished together. My question is: is it possible to assign custom spacing between the instances? I’ve tried to exporting the project, all metrics seem fine, so it’s probably just the Preview that gets the sidebearings wrong?


That is correct and will look the same in any app.

The bounding box is slanted around the half xHeight. That makes lowercase more evenly spaced when a upright and italic come next to each other. Adjusting the spacing for the Uppercase will make it worse in general.

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Thanks, Georg! Wonder how it never caught my eye before!