Spacing not allowing to go below 129! How to fix?

I have made spacing go to 0 on left and right on various glyphs. But I now have a problem with one. It will not allow me to go below 129!

Here’s a pic:

I can enter different values or use the arrow keys but it just doesn’t let me go any lower than this. I want it to be set at zero. How can I fix this?

Also on a horizontal script, we can kern left and right. Is there any possibility to also kern up and down?


The width can’t be smaller then zero.

What do you need the vertical kerning for? Maybe use mark positioning or cursive attachment?

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I don’t want it to be smaller than zero. I just want it to be zero.
For example, let’s say A and C kern in a certain way, at -100. So AC looks good. Then I want ABC, where B is in fact vertically aligned such that it is on top of A. And B is positioned great for all letters it comes after - doesn’t even need any kerning.

So, I want A to keep on kerning with C in the same way whether or not there is a B in between them.
Any ideas of the best way to do this? I could of course just create special ligatures, but there would be many, so I am looking for a more easy way to do this.

That would allow B to sit above A at a different height than when above a, for example.
I considered diacritics, which I assume would work, let’s say assigning the image of B to ‘acute accent’ or ‘umlaut’ for example, and then using anchors. However, I want to keep the input system as simple as possible, and so I want to stick to letters, more ordinary key strokes which would be the intuitive choice for input method for ordinary users.

Now knowing more, is this still your suggestion? I’m new to this app so, I haven’t heard of those things yet. Is it possible to explain a little about what they are?

My font is coming on really well so far, a great success. There are just a few things like this that I need to iron out. Thanks!

The width already is zero and cannot be less than zero:

If you want your RSB (currently 129) to be zero, you will have to adjust the LSB (currently -600) accordingly.

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What do you mean ‘accordingly’? I want the LSB to be -600, just as it is.But want to reduce the right hand one to less than 129. Is it not possible?

I also realise now that my solution for this problem might lie in kerning triplets, so that might solve it a better way and perhaps this is wrong thinking of mine above. Just having trouble with that issue as the only tutorial I can find is from 2013 and doesn’t seem to apply to the current version. That thread is here:

Do you understand the difference between LSB, RSB and width?

Width cannot be less than 0. What you describe for your scenario would require a negative width. That is not possible.

I think perhaps it’s the relation between then that I don’t fully understand.

Ok, thanks, I did not realise that would change the width. I think I can solve this using a different method, marks… just trying to make that work at the moment, hopefully can get it functioning!