Spacing with references to other characters

Hi everyone,

I am trying to get the Spacing for diacritics right.

The Problem: My glyph »I« has for the left side bearing the value (15) and an a right side bearing the value (15)
together with the stem (20) the total width ist (50). When I want for the »Itilde« the same Values so the total width is always around 56 – because it adds the value not to the stem but to the tilde accent which is a bit wider than the stem. (Same problem when I don’t use a specific value but a reference L/RSB = I)

Is there a possibility to ignore the accents or to calculate always from the a specific point for example y=15 UPM like in fontlab


This is exactly what automatic alignment is for.
Is there any reason why you are not using automatic alignment?

yes you are right. I think it is the best way when you start with glyphs from skretch. i imported my data from fontlab and the diacretical spacing was messed up slightly – is there a possibility to reset the diacretical spacing to the auto modus.

Make sure that the automatic alignment is active in Font Info > Other settings. If some components are still not aligning, right click them and select “Enable automatic alignment”.

These tutorials will help you:

thanks, for your answers, I found the problem, one component was already decomposed
so glyphs took this as the reference