Spanning interpolations

Is there a function already, or would it be possible to implement something like this in the future:

Lets say I’m doing a typeface where the design for the S changes a lot from light to black, and for a variable font I would need a lot of in-between-masters to cover certain transitions from one weight to another. While the T, H, and dagger etc. (pretty much the majority of the glyphs), could basically all be made out of interpolations of the lightest and the heaviest master.

Is there already, or would it be possible to make a feature where you could set interpolations to span, or disregard, the between masters for certain glyphs? Where if you just leave the in-between-masters blank, they would interpolate and export automatically all instances from the extreme masters?


Did you read the manual?

This sounds pretty much exactly like the Brace/Bracket Layer »Tricks«

Thanks Mark! This was exactly what I was looking for.