Special Paste Without replacing the existing paths


Is there a way to copy paths and paste it into another font file without replacing the existing paths there?! Using “Special Paste” or Some Scripts,

I tried to write some micro but I’m not that much expert in python… :pensive:

at the same time I want to reverse contours, please see the attachments,

This is a bit too specific workflow that you need to solve via scripting. Can you make it into a multiple master file so that the master 1 has the inline, and master 2 has the outline? Then run the following:

f = Glyphs.font
m0 = f.masters[0]
m1 = f.masters[1]
for g in f.glyphs:
	for p in g.layers[m1.id].paths:
		g.layers[m0.id].paths.append( p.copy() )

You can delete the master 2 after it’s done.

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Perfect , Many many thanks for your help!