Specific glyph doesn't appear on apple browsers

i have an issue with a font. The lowercase Greek letter ε and έ appears blank when i open on safari browser desktop or mobile.
I’ve double checked the file and i can’t find any obvious problem. The unicode is there, the glyphs appears anywhere else except safari.
Is there something i can do about that? Please advice!


How are you testing?

i use a plugin on my website called Font sampler.

First a user of my font discover the bug and as i can check it same thing happens.

Maybe it could not interpolate? I assume the glyph is there, just empty. Hard to guess though if I don’t have the file.

The file is in the following link if you want to take a look

I really spent a time of search and I can’t find anything😞

Could you also send the .glyphs file?

Yes I missed that!! You can find it below

Sorry, George, this is the TTF opened as .glyphs file. This is not what we asked for. Can you send me your original .glyphs file? The one from which you created the TTF.

Well, i created the ttf on Fontself and then open it in Glyphs. I didn’t import the characters one by one. Today i create a new Glyphs document and i copy the characters to this but same thing happens.
I guess it is some kind of bug but i 've used the same method on other fonts with no issues…

So you create a font in Glyphs with epsilon but epsilon is not in the final font? Sorry, I cannot reproduce.

This may be a font cache problem. Read this please: Eliminating Font Cache Problems | Glyphs