Specifying Versions

Makeotf seems to add some strings to the Version (which you set in FontInfo/Font) - for example : 1.001 becomes 1.001 PS 001.001;hotconv 1.0.70…

Is there a way to force makeotf to use friendly(short) Version(just 1.001) instead?

Not makeotf. You will have to use OTM or ttx afterwards.

Where do I put this in Glyphs?

These are separate apps/programs.

The problem I have is that the files I generate with Glyphs get additional string appended on the version. Is that unavoidable?

The built-in makeotf produces this string. And currently, if you want to get rid of this, all you can do is post-process the OT font with OTM or ttx.

Oh. I didn’t know that. Cheers

Changing font version metadata in TypeDrawers

Thanks, Nicolas. Loved the article.

In general, I feel that converting to XML, modifying, converting back again sounds way to complicated. I liked the way FLS handles the versioning (with the naked() version).

I noticed there might be issues regarding converting to simpler version name, since it looses the info about the makeotf and this can prevent software from accessing errors, but still most people would prefer to have the option built in. Maybe a custom parameter?

There are plans for exactly that, as discussed here in the forum already. But I reiterate that I do not recommend changing the version string, because makeotf has had issues in certain versions which can be addressed by the software that uses them.

I ’ll add an custom parameter. I though about it a bit. I think it should be a format string. That means it could look like this: Version %d.%3d And maybe some placeholders for year/month/day. What do you think?

As simple as that will be great.

@Rainer - I agree with what you said about the troubleshooting, but still I would like to have the option to specify a concrete version and not leave it up to the generator.


and it is Version %d.%03d