Specimen Word generator


I’m testing some fonts and starting to generate some specimens and proofing documents. I’d like to know if anyone knows of any existing dictionary word tool/Plugin/word generator/specimen creator etc that can generate words of a specific length in a specific font. I’ve attached some examples of what I mean, the examples are from Klim types website and commercial types specimen - I assume something like this exists as I can’t believe that they would be choosing all these words manually? Any help much appreciated.

klims example:

You can do that by scripting in DrawBot. I have written mine too, though not as smart or human-editable afterwards. You need to learn Python, but there is only benefit in that.

Hi @Tosche , Thanks for your response, I’d definitely like to try some python soon but currently have no experience with code or scripting. Is the drawbot script something you could share? Totally understand if its not though. Thanks again.

Free application, here:

Or install the Drawbot plugin via Window > Plugin Manager.

There is a four part tutorial for learning scripting without prior experience.

http://glyphsextensions.com/word-o-mat/ <- This should do the trick for English Also installable via Window > Plugin Manager. The RF version has language support but the Glyphs plug-in is missing that feature at the moment.

It’s rather embarrassing to share at this stage, and I am not terribly interested in improving it, so I am not sure about this one. It’s just that you can do it with DrawBot.

Although you need to be familiar with Python to understand this, all the tricks you need is explained here.

Thanks for those suggestions, i’ll look into them all @DaveBailey And thanks anyway @Tosche I totally understand, i’ll check out the DJR stuff.