Speedpunk Issues

Hey folks, I wonder if anyone can help me?

I downloaded the trial version of Speed Punk from the Plug-in Manager a while back with the intention of purchasing the full version afterwards. I’ve just become a father and so I never got around to it. I’ve noticed that Speed Punk is now free an I can install it via the Plug-in Manager which seems to install fine.

Usually when I start glyphs I get a pop-up stating my Speed Punk trial has expired. After Installing the free version (via Plug-in Manager and restarting Glyphs) I get two pop-ups telling me to purchase the full version. Furthermore I have two ‘Show Speed Punk’ options under the ‘View’ tab, neither of which work.

I can uninstall the free version from the Plug-in Manager no problem but I can’t uninstall the Trial version from there anymore. I’m not sure of the technicalities but I’m assuming the trial licence is preventing the new free licence from being used.

Any recommendations? I just thought I’d ask the community before uninstalling Glyphs and re-installing a fresh.


I have encountered something similar.

If one of the two scripts have alias arrow indicating that it is a shortcut, just right click then show original. Then delete it from it’s original location.
To make sure delete the second one. relaunch glyphs then reinstall the script.

Thanks @Mohanak I couldn’t quite do it that way but I did get it to work through the ‘Open Scripts Folder’.

For anyone with a similar problem I did the following:

• Under the ‘scripts’ tab select ‘Open Scripts Folder’
• In the finder window, click on the folder above the ‘Scripts’ folder called ‘Repositories’.
• The Speed Punk Trial plug-in should be here. Trash it and as per Mohanak’s advice, trash any other Speed Punk plug-ins here too and reinstall via the Plug-in Manager.



I did mean plugins not scripts

You should delete the alias in the “Plugins” folder, too. Or just de-install the plugin in the Plugin Manager.