Spinning wheel while installing modules

When I try to install the Modules vanilla, robofab and font tools, the hweel keeps spinning. When I look in the Script folder of Glyphs, the modules seem to be present. But when I install the plugin LS Cadencer (that needs these modules) the plugin can’t be installed properly. How can I check if the three modules are instaleld properly?

What do you mean by “the plugin can’t be installed properly”?

To check if the modules are installed do the following in the macro window:

import fontTools
import robofab
import vanilla
print fontTools, robofab, vanilla

When I run the script that you sent, the result is:
<module ‘fontTools’ from ‘/Users/sanderneijnens/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Scripts/fontTools/init.pyc’> <module ‘robofab’ from ‘/Users/sanderneijnens/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Scripts/robofab/init.pyc’> <module ‘vanilla’ from ‘/Users/sanderneijnens/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Scripts/vanilla/init.pyc’>

When I try to install LS Cadencer (by double clicking) I get the message that it can’t be installed while the developer can’t be verified. When I click ‘Annuleren’ (Cancel) it appears that the PlugIn is nevertheless installed in the PlugIn folder. When I subsequently restart Glyphs I get the message that the application is slowed down by the PlugIn. But the PlugIn doesn’t appear in the Edit-menu.

We discussed this a few times here already. Because of the stricter security in macOS Catalina, plug-ins have to be installed through the Plugin Manager. Only notarized plug-ins can be installed through double clicking. There is a tutorial for developers on how to notarize. Either ask the developer of the plug-in to notarize or to have it added to the Plugin Manager if it is not there already.


The latest cutting edge version can instal plugins that are not notarized.