Split starting points after export

I have a problem with messed up starting points after export. Changing path directions or setting another starting node won’t help

have you tried Remove Overlap filter?
check the grid definitions also… it is driving me nuts.

What version of Glyphs do you have?
And what grid setting do you use?

Yes, with no effect. There are no overlaps. Grid is set to zero.

Why not one?

There is technical problem with gridstep=0. What is stored in the PostScript file is not the absolute coordinates of every node, but the relative distances of every segment. And when you have to specify the first node again as the last node (which you have to do if the last part is a curve), then floating point rounding errors may add up to a tiny difference.

Two ways around it:

  1. Set the Gridstep to 1, or
  2. Make sure the last segment is a straight line.

Thanks, that helps! And now I remember I heard that before…
It works with the straight lines, but I rather keep the zero grid for the very thin strokes.