Squared corners Filter?

I was wondering if it exists or if it is easy to script a plug in to do squared corners instead of rounded corners, I am doing a very sharp glyphic Typeface, and I am using a bit of rounded corners as a general filter in the instances (for outside and inside), but probably is too soft, I was wondering if it is possible to have this kind of inverted inktrap effect (like Replica for exemple: https://typejournal.ru/media/gallery/main/2017-05-11_00-16-05__e0deb5f6-35c5-11e7-aacf-dd54e5500986.jpg). Basicaly it would add, 2 points in any junction, maybe in a 45 degree angle or something adjustable.

I think that it would be useful for sharp fonts in general, in those cases you need to unsharp a little bit having 2 points instead of one.

Thanks for any help

If you have rounded already, you could simply remove the BCPs.

Hi Mekkablue, Thanks for the fast reply,
I see what you mean. But that is not very automated, and doing that by hand in multiple weights just to test could take a bit of time… even if I run a script to remove all bcps, probably it would ruin all the curves that are not related to connections… But I don’t know, what you guys would suggest?

You could check for the size of the curve.

So is possible to delete bcps in curves smaller than “x” for exemple? How is it done? Thanks for the tips

use corner componens for this.
i am doing the exact same thing

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Good Idea, for inner corners, how are you doing, can you send me a print screen?

For inner corners, you need to make the component in the reverse direction.

As for the scripting approach, you probably have fairly consistent radius, so I would check each segment and determine if it’s curved and within certain length. This is where you need to give a pretty good value, but usually the difference between the main stroke curves and rounded corners are clear enough. I’d also advise you put the original path in the background.

I actually have a script called “Un-Round Corners”, which should help you build your own. The only changes should be the radius and what you want to do with the segment.

Hello Tosche, cool, I don’t have much experience with scripting, but I will have a look at yours anyway.

What I was finding good in the process of using the rounded corners filters is that every piece remained pretty much editable, like a shoulder of an “n” just on top of a steam, and then the filter designed the inner curve on it just at the time I exported it.

I suppose that on those suggestions I would have to export the font in order to have the rounded corners and then apply the script to make those “squared”.

Is an extra step but might work anyway, so I will try.

Thanks so much for all the help!