Ss01 with pos feature no working

I am trying to add a stylistic set where character bounce around.

pos @calt1 <0 -15 0 0>;
pos @calt2 <0 -5 0 0>;
pos @calt3 <0 5 0 0>;
pos @calt4 <0 15 0 0>;
pos @calt5 <0 10 0 0>;

But the feature is not being recognized. What am I doing wrong ?

Some layout engines have certain expectation about what rules to expect in what features. So it might be that the app you are using to test this is ignoring stylistic set features in GPOS.

Hey @GeorgSeifert I know not all software will recognize it. I meant it doesn’t work in glyphs !


No GPOS preview inside Glyphs, sorry.

Does it work after being exported ? Due to a deadline I had to use another editor…

It should work in TextPreview even.

Thanks ! I will try it out.

@mekkablue I got everything to work. And indeed the fonts generated from Glyphs are working fine ! Thanks.

I do have one question. Does anyone know about a bug in Illustrator CC ? Because the stylistic sets are listed and can be chosen, but the (re)positioning isn’t.

that might be the effect I mentioned earlier that some layout engines ignore GPOS in certain features.

I tested it in Stylistic styles. I added it to calt to see if that made a change, but it didn’t …

Would you know a workaround ?

Not for AI, I am afraid. I just tried with the latest version, and it still ignores vertical shifts in GPOS, at least for Latin. Edit: turns out it is possible, see below.

Here is the GitHub gist of the Wiggle script btw:

Update: I just did get it to work in (the latest version of) AI, right after I posted the thing above. :sweat_smile:

  1. Make sure you have at least one regular kern pair in Windows > Kerning.
  2. Add the GPOS wiggle code to Font Info > Features > kern
  3. Update the feature code: there must be a Languagesystems declaration.
  4. Compile and export

Hi @mekkablue ! Thank you very much for this info ! I will try it out.