Standalone instances?

I’m working on a typeface where the Extra Light and Extra Bold are extrapolated from Light and Bold masters. They need a lot of touching up, of course, which shouldn’t be taken into account by interpolation. Too many characters to do the brace trick IMO. What is the most clever way of doing that? If I just generate a font to a new .glyphs file out of them I would lose linked metrics, right?

add the instance as an extra master and one instance that has the same interpolation values as the new master.

Btw., it would be a nice feature if one could simply add an instance as a new master (instead of generating it and adding it to the MM font). I’d definitely use it.


Agree with Tim. That would be a very useful feature.

Ditto. Useful, indeed.

I think the easiest implementation is to add “Add selected as master” menu in the instance tab, though it may feel counterintuitive. If you do that in the master tab, another UI has to open asking which instance you want to add as a master. Either way, it sounds very helpful.