STAT table set up

I have an italic font with only weight axis and the following instances names

  • Light Italic
  • Italic
  • Bold Italic

Then the resulting Axis Values for the wght axis will be

  • Light
  • Italic
  • Bold

“Italic” should be “Regular”, is there any parameters configuration to fix this?

I think I mentioned this before, sorry if I’m repeating myself. It will not be much more easier to have just one parameter to set the whole STAT table? Trying to make it work using the current parameters and the style names on a file that is inteded for building statics as well VFs it’s tedious and in some cases it will just not work.


This is fixed in the upcoming 3.2. I added you to the betatest group.

Hi Rainer! Thanks, that beta version seems to fix the issue. Waiting eagerly for the stable release :slight_smile:

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