Static instances exporting but the variable woff isn't


I’m exporting a variable font. There’s no error prompt coming up but it doesn’t appear in the selected folder. Non variable otf are working fine. I just updated to the latest beta. Any solves?


  1. Make sure you have the latest beta.
  2. Make sure you have write access to the folder.

You should get an error message if it cannot export.

thanks @mekkablue
I’ve checked both those but nothing.

Do you know static and variable fonts have separate folder destinations? Easy to miss if you just switch the tab and hit export.

I found and fixed the problem. Thanks.

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Thanks Georg, is that coming in an update soon?

I’ll update every few days. I can do one tomorrow if needed.

Hey Georg,
I’m looking to publish my font today and I need to export the woff file.
Any chance to expedite fixed update?
It would be great.
Thanks a lot.

An update today would be good, need to export.


the update is out.