Stem Thickness is unusable for me

G3 [latest] macOS 10.13.6 – The newest incarnation of Stem Thickness is totally unusable for me. The color backgrounds with white numbers I simply cannot read without getting six inches from the screen.

Please revert the plugin to black on white without the clutter of boxes or give a user the option to make the change to suit their own needs.

Can you send a screenshot?

Sent to support.

I see. I’ll fix it.

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I’d like to add, that the note gets huge, if one zooms in as soon as the grid gets visible. Thus in some cases nodes get covered by the colored box, which is pretty uncomfortable.

What about two threshold scalings beyond which it stops displaying? In my experience, it makes no sense below 150pt and above 5000pt.

This would be nice! (maybe <150pt and >6000pt)
For me it’s an always-on-plugin and those new gigantic nodes have been a little “shock”.

That’s just a band aid instead of a fix though, this scaling bump is bothering in several plugins. It would be great on the long run to not have that happen when calculating against the view scale, no?

I’ll have a look. The threshold is useful but the scaling has to be fixed, of cause.

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Can you try the new version. Is that better?

Absolutely it is! Thank you so much; it is one of my most used plugins.

I often work on 10000pt (not to mention 5000pt) and would really appreciate if the numbers were still there :pleading_face:

What UPM do you have?