Stem weight consistency reporter

Sometimes after I use RMX Scaler to create a condensed version of some glyphs, I notice that the stem weights in two strokes of the same character (e.g. /H or /n) occasionally are a unit or so off from each other. I know I need to tweak my drawings but is there a script or reporter that analyzes the whole font to note which stems might be slightly off from the values set in my font info? I think the “Close but no cigar” script might, but it’s a little cumbersome to read through.

There are plugins that help. Take a look in Window > Plugin Manager.

Thanks. I have the “show stems” and “show stem thickness”, which are nice, but I’ll look deeper… was hoping for something that just gives a summary (rather than toggling through each glyph one at a time) of any inconsistent stems.