Stepping through glyphs in current filtered list

Currently, to step through glyphs (go to next glyph by pressing end key, or go to previous glyph by pressing home key) only works on glyph ID ordering as if viewing ALL glyphs in the font. Is there a way to add this function of stepping through the glyphs while viewing a filtered list? If you only want to work on a subset of glyphs, the step to next glyph doesn’t work on the filtered list.

Hold down the Shift key.

Excellent! Thanks.

My next/previous glyphs shortcut is customised in Keyboard pref and I would like to add the shift+previous glyph shortcut but it doesn’t look like the function is accessible. Right?

You have to add it in the System Preferences spelled exactly as in the menu.

The next/previous glyph is kind of tied to the specific key. I see if I can make it work with custom shortcuts.

edit: I just saw that it is fixed for the next version of Glyphs.

the prev/next custom shortcut is working but I would like to access the prev/next glpyh in a filtered list. I don’t see the name changing when I click opt in the drop down menu so I don’t know what the exact name is.

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What do you mean? How do you like to access it?

When holding down Shift, the name in the menu is not changing. A shortcut to Show Next Glyph in Current Filtered List (or how it will be named) is not possible. Please can this be added?