Still having script problems with MARK feature

In the first two lines, where marks are positioned correctly, the HTML test doc has the language set to “en” (we get the same results when no language is set). In the second two lines, the HTML language is set to “my”, and marks are not anchored correctly. Does the MARK feature auto-compile for DFLT and MYM2, or do I need to do something to make it work for MYM2?

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Looked a bit deeper into this, at the feature file from the temp folder. Here’s what I notice:

feature mark {

lookup markOther {
	pos base [Amacrondotaccent]  <anchor 341 0> mark @mark_bottom <anchor 648 0> mark @mark_ogonek <anchor 360 1236> mark @mark_top;
	pos base [thGoGai_thSaraEu]  <anchor 574 0> mark @mark_bottom <anchor 570 996> mark @mark_top;
} markOther;

lookup marklatin {
	pos base [A]  <anchor 341 0> mark @mark_bottom <anchor 648 0> mark @mark_ogonek <anchor 360 805> mark @mark_top;
	pos base [upsilonbar-latin.trimmed]  <anchor 298 0> mark @mark_bottom <anchor 298 625> mark @mark_top;
} marklatin;

lookup markmyanmar {
	pos base [myKa]  <anchor 739 0> mark @mark_bottom <anchor 739 0> mark @mark_bottomright <anchor 737 650> mark @mark_top;
	pos base [mySsa.002]  <anchor 327 0> mark @mark_bottom <anchor 327 0> mark @mark_bottomright <anchor 327 642> mark @mark_top;
} markmyanmar;

lookup markthai {
	pos base [thGogai]  <anchor 574 0> mark @mark_bottom <anchor 570 700> mark @mark_top;
	pos base [thPosampau.ss01]  <anchor 587 0> mark @mark_bottom <anchor 583 696> mark @mark_top;
} markthai;

lookupflag 0;
script latn;
lookup marklatin;

script thai;
lookup markthai;

lookupflag 0;
lookup manualMarkSuffix {
	pos [thTotong thRoreua] [thSaraI thSaraIi thSaraEu thSaraEuu]' <50 0 50 0>;
} manualMarkSuffix;

} mark;

First thing: markOther seems to be generated for glyphs that don’t have the script set in the ‘info for selection’ dialogue, right? I guess because this font uses a custom naming scheme I need to fix all those manually.

marklatin, markmyanmar and markthai seem fine, if we’re not using script tags.

Then we have duplicate lookups for Latin and Thai, but not Myanmar, which seems to be the problem that’s illustrated with my original post here. This needs fixing

Then we have a manual addition to the MARK feature, which seems to fall into the ‘script thai’ declaration, so that means it won’t apply if the script is not set, perhaps? Maybe this needs attention too?

Which browser are you using, and which version of Glyphs?

The mark feature generator needs to know the script for each glyph. Can you set that manually or be editing the GlyphData?

I’m on Firefox, and using Glyphs 1043. (I really can’t keep upgrading in the middle of this project, upgrades have meant I’ve already had to spend a huge amount of time reconfiguring thousands of glyphs because of auto-alignment changes. I’m sticking with this version until I really have to ship this font from a newer version.)

All the Burmese glyphs have the correct script set already.

EDIT: BTW There’s still some bug in the Info for Selection mechanism, when I select a bunch of glyphs and change settings, they don’t stick.

The latest version has some safeguards against the alignment shifts. You could give it a try.