Stop showing popup for "The following plugins slow down Glyphs"

This message is getting annoying every time I open Glyphs:

The following plugins slow down Glyphs. Please update them, or contact the developer to improve performance.

It seems a bit random because the list of plugins that it shows has changed a few times. The main one that it keeps showing is SpeedPunk. Either way, I’d like an option to turn off this popup.

Any reason why you do not update SpeedPunk? It does not show for me, so I assume you did not make the update to version 1.01.

SpeedPunk currently shows up in the pop-up window for me (and 1.01 is installed). fyi.

I’ve never had any version other than 1.01.

Everybody who sends me his speed punk plying, I send a fixed version back.

I removed the import * and replaced with explicit imports and then it seems fine. Is that all you are doing or is there more updating going on?

That is all it needs. It is always the first plugin that does the from Foundation/AppKit import * that will be flagged when the app starts. When you fix one, the next will show up. Open the Plugin Manager to update all the ones that you have installed from it.

Since I get a lot of complains and my plugins are free from the cause, I post an example issue here as a reference.

To everyone who get those popups:
If contacting the developer didn’t help even though he/she told you to have fixed the plugin on his side, please update vanilla.

If it’s still not working, come back here :wink:

Also: @GeorgSeifert Is there a way to disable that popup (maybe in the glyphs defaults)? When I work on plugins and restart Glyphs a lot during development, I get this popup from other plugins that haven’t been fixed yet sooooo often. And I don’t care about what it has to tell me :smiley:

I added an extra check to find an old vanilla version to not blame the dev of a plugin.

just remove the not updated plugins when you are developing. This will speed up your work so much. The popup is the smaller problem.

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Thank you @GeorgSeifert! :slight_smile:

I get the message too; You have an old version of the vanilla library… Please update to the latest version. And two buttons, Update and OK.
Of course, I click the [Update] button.
But nothing seems to happen, and next start I get the message again, so I wonder if the [Update] button might be labeled incorrectly?

The update button should copy the latest version into the Scripts folder. Can you check what copy of vanilla is loaded and where that location is in the python paths?

Digging this out because I get user reports that this notification pops up with my Objective-C plugins. This is new and I also saw it happen once or twice on my own machine now. Those Plugins don’t have any python and/or the import * statement that used to be the trigger for that notification. What happened, please? @GeorgSeifert

This test just measures the time that a plugin needs to load. You might like to profile your code to see what’s going on. Do you do big operations in the init methods? Maybe do that asynchronous? Or later when you actually need it?