Storing paths from a decomposed glyph

I’ve written myself down the rabbit hole.

Just realised that by looping through decomposed components and storing each one’s path data it’s in fact storing that plus whatever came previously as the layer now has newly added paths. What’s the best way to sequentially save that data other than read the component parent glyph?

The reason I ask is I want to manipulate each glyph within the ligature separately.

allletters = list()

while len( thisLayer.components ) != 0:


	thisletter = list()
	pathlist = list()

	for thisPath in thisLayer.paths:

		print thisPath



Yiu could store the number of paths in the layer before you decompose and then copy only the paths wit mh a higher index.
for thisPath in thisLayer.paths[pathCount:]:

Of course… went all the way round the houses finding a less elegant solution to this yesterday. Cheers Georg