Strange behaviour in 931: Deleting contours

Since the update to 931, if I select a contour or node(s) and press the delete key, this behaves like pressing delete in Text mode, which is very odd when I am in Select mode.

Can this be fixed?


Just noticed this also happens if nothing is selected. Delete key removes the current glyph.

I’m getting this too, I can cut contours and nodes, but deleting makes the entire glyph disappear.
simple contour editing has become very unstable. I had over 100 crashes yesterday.

cutting a curve handle deletes the path completely. I’m going to have to use illustrator to do all drawing until this is fixed.

When you say Delete key, you mean Forward Delete (⌦), right? As a temporary workaround, you could use the Backspace key (←) instead. This one works for me as expected.

Yes, I mean ⌦. It turned out re-training my fingers to use ← is impossible, they stubbornly keep pressing ⌦ without my consent. I’m simply using version 930, which runs without any problems for me.

I’ll fix it.

That should be fixed in version 930.