Strange behaviour in Windows (Word)

The client textually said: “All the fonts add a space before or after typing a quotation mark, although when the text is selected and the font is applied again, the spaces disappear.”

In Windows Word.

Any ideas? I am lost since this is something only happening on that app…

Do you have all quotes in the font, including the straight quotes? And a complete Latin-1 charset (a.k.a. ‘Win 1252’, see the sidebar)?

Office software will default to a fallback font if a glyph is missing. Perhaps that is what is happening?

Yes, I have those. The only thing is missing from Windows 1252 is florin and nbspace.

Well… add nbspace then, or better both of them. And see if the problem persists.

Just added… I don’t know what is that, but might be the issue…
Should I set this as the same as Space? By default Glpyhs set the width the same as Space.


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