Strange edit behavior in info palette

there is an issue using the info palette when editing spacing and kerning values:
When I use the TAB key to move between the value fields sometimes it jumps from left kerning to the right without touching the spacing fields (and the other way around: when editing the spacing values it jumps from RSB to width without touching the right kerning);
But sometimes the cursor jumps from left kerning to LSB, RSB, right kerning, left kerning group, width and finally right kerning group.
I don’t see why there is this difference in edit behavior, I prefer to jump between kerning OR spacing fields.

But now there is a new challenge when tabbing around: When editing composites and jumping through gray spacing fields, a window appears: The width of this glyph is automatically calculated from the components. This window terminates my TAB key journey through values and interrupts my work.

What can I do to have separate kerning OR spacing tab moves?

I’ll have a look at the behavior.

The best way to improve this is to not type the kerning but use the shortcuts with he text tool.